Bits and Morsels

by Erin Frankel

And, if you’re feeling saucy, for only $1 more, you can choose from a unique display of refined concoctions like the Parma (a mixture of crispy pancetta, parmigiano-reggiano, and fresh herbs) or my all-time favorite, the Naples (fresh, small gooey mozzarella pearls delicately placed in a light and flavorful sauce with hints of fresh herbs and extra virgin olive oil). Hard to believe all this goodness can live inside of a small paper cup.

The best part? The meatballs are ready to be eaten on the go within 3 minutes of ordering, which you do from a small stall next to the PATH train on 14th street and 6th Avenue. We’re all in a hurry so here’s the hautest to-go snack in town!

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