“Who doesn’t love a good meatball?”
Martha Stewart to Dan Mancini on air

Our Story

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The company’s roots go back to founder Dan Mancini’s grandmother when in 1921 she came through Ellis Island with a steamer trunk and a heart full of recipes from Bari, Italy. As a young boy in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn Dan would sit at the kitchen counter helping his grandmother prepare all of her family recipes. As Dan grew up these “scented memories” stayed with him. In fact, after 25 years he decided to leave his successful career in the apparel business to pursue his passion and bring his grandmother’s recipes to market. It did not matter to Dan that he had no real experience in the food service industry. All that mattered to him was his driving passion for his grandmother’s cooking. (To tell the truth, his family and friends thought he totally lost it.) His goal was to create authentic Italian dishes from his grandmother’s original recipes that would bring people together.

In 2008 Dan’s meatballs and Sunday sauce started selling in markets throughout the New York City area under the brand name MamaMancini’s®. In response to the resounding success of MamaMancinis® Dan decided to start Meatball Obsession® using the same recipe and focusing on bringing the authentic experience to our customers.

At Meatball Obsession®, it’s all about the meatball. That’s why we call it an obsession. We use the original, all-natural old-world Mancini family recipe and slow-cook it in pots. At Meatball Obsession we serve grandma’s beef, turkey and sausage meatballs in her Sunday Sauce. Our food is meant for people on the go so you can enjoy your meatballs in a cup with dipping bread or stuffed in a custom-made Italian pocket bread. We deliver too.