Meatball Obsession New York Social Diary – I’m addicted to Daniel Mancini’s (of Mama Mamacini’s) new Meatball takeout counter. At only $4 a pop, you can order any variety of meatball — whether it be turkey, pork, or beef, with any variety of toppings ranging from crispy pasta to shredded fontina to mozzarella cheese pearls to locatelli pecorino romano to parmegiano-reggiano … Read More


Meatball Obsession – Dan Mancini was so obsessed with his granmother’s meatballs that he quit his job after 25 years in the apparel business to open up his own meatball shop, using grandma’s recipes from Bari, Italy. And Meatball Obsession was born … Read More


Joe Pro Shop, La Vara, Ribalta, and More Certified Open New York Eater – April 5, 2012 – Grub Street reports that Daniel Mancini has opened his new spot Meatball Obsession. The all-natural meatballs can be ordered at a walk-up window, served either in a cup with a side of dipping bread or in a ciabatta bread pocket … Read More


Meatball Obsession brings grandma’s recipe to West Village Washington Square News – April 10, 2012 – The West Village is now offering a scrumptious novelty to those who like to have their food on the go. Meatball Obsession, a new walk-up window on Sixth Avenue, is a tempting option that specializes in the ultimate Italian delicacy — the meatball … Read More




Walk-Up Window Restaurants New York Live – Apr 2, 2012 – “Walk-up window restaurants are taking over New York and our own Siafa Lewis is determined to find the best of the bunch for us to enjoy!” …

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Meatball Obsessed? Now You Can Get Your Fix On The Go Where can I find the perfect … ? – April 4, 2012 – Looking to get a perfect meatball fix? No need to brave the long lines at the Meatball Shop (anymore, that is). There’s a new spot in town dishing out gourmet, all-natural balls from the comfort of a sleek, little walk-up window … Read More





Meatball Obsession Timeout New York. – March 14, 2012 – Brooklyn-born Daniel Mancini—founder of prepared-foods line MamaMancini’s—honors his grandmother with this West Village meatball shop … Read More



Sausage vs. Meatballs: A Study in Start-ups Inc. – Apr 3, 2012 – This is a story of meat, square feet, and microeconomics. It’s the tale of how two food entrepreneurs opened up shop about 10 blocks from each another in Lower Manhattan. One crashed and burned. The other might just make it … Read More



Meatball Obsession: On the Frontiers of Meat Ball Merchandising Village Voice – Mar. 29 2012 – You’d think the city had reached its meatball saturation limit. Following in the footsteps of the Meatball Shop — which itself has sprouted branches — there are plenty of places now willing to make you a premium meatball sub with exemplary cheese on good bread. Someone had to come up with another formula. Now they have … Read More



Meatball Obsession Devour – A large meatball served in a cup with sunday sauce and parmesan dip bread. This meatball blew my socks off. Firm in texture, full of flavor which left a nice little heat buzz on my lips after eating … Read More





Meatball Obsession Tasting Table – Cloudy with a chance of meatballs: Grandma-style beef, turkey and sausage meatballs served with Sunday sauce are now on offer at this Greenwich Village spot … Read More



Meatball Obsession The Thrillist – Because neither Shops nor Factories alone could sate NY’s Meatball Obsession, this takeout window’s stuffing buns & bowls with beef, turkey, and pork balls, a natural progression for the BK-born owner considering his grandmother owns an actual meatball factory there … Read More



Meatball Obsession Opening Tomorrow WINED & DINED – Word comes in from our friends at Grub Street that the city is about to get its latest and greatest meatball spot — this one goes by the name Meatball Obsession (510 Sixth Ave., nr. 13th and 14th Streets). Meatball Obsession is the brainchild of meatball aficionado Dan Mancini … Read More


Off the Menu By Florence Fabricant | February 21, 2012 New York Times – Daniel Mancini, whose company makes Mama Mancini’s Meatballs and Sunday Sauce, sold refrigerated in supermarkets, will open a takeout window in late March serving beef, pork and turkey meatballs … Read More


MamaMancini owner to open Meatball Obsession By Ali Elkin | February 12, 2012 Crain’s New York Business – Move over, Meatball Shop. Daniel Mancini is about to launch a new eatery devoted to the Italian staple. Meatball Obsession, a walk-up window, will open at 510 Sixth Ave., near West 13th Street, at the end of March … Read More


Inside Meatball Obsession: A New To-Go Meatball Option in the West Village By Danielle Harris and Alice Urmey | March 28, 2012 Zagat – There’s a new meatball in town – and we’re not talking about Snooki’s baby. Get in line today to witness the latest craze: Meatball Obsession, a walk-up window popping out beef, turkey and pork sausage meatballs to-go … Read More

Meatball Obsession Validates New Yorkers’ Meatball Mania By James Mulcahy | February 16, 2012 Zagat – First Meatball Shop, then Meatball Factory, and now Meatball Obsession. That’s not just a description of the current state of mind among carnivores in NYC, it’s the name of a new to-go window, opening March 28 on Sixth Avenue near 14th St … Read More


MamaMancini owner to open Meatball Obsession By Ali Elkin | February 12, 2012 FOX New York – Move over, Meatball Shop. Daniel Mancini is about to launch a new eatery devoted to the Italian staple. Meatball Obsession, a walk-up window, will open at 510 Sixth Ave., near West 13th Street, at the end of March … Read More


Meatball eatery MamaMancini slated to open in March | February 14, 2012 AM New York – The owner of MamaMancini, a line of frozen meatballs sold at Whole Foods and other grocery stores nationwide, plans to open a new takeout window entirely devoted to the Italian staple … Read More



Meatball Obsession Opens Tomorrow | March 27, 2012 Grub Street – Meatball Obsession by Daniel “MamaMancini” Mancini opens tomorrow with all-natural meatballs served via a nifty walk-up window designed by Richard Lewis (the designer of Balthazar, Bond45, and Commune) … Read More

Yet Another Meatball Shop; Chocolate’s Feminine Appeal a Myth | February 13, 2012 Grub Street – Daniel Mancini, the owner of MamaMancini packaged meatballs, is planning a walk-up meatball window for Sixth Avenue and 13th Street. Is there anywhere the meatball won’t go these days? … Read More


Meatball Obsession Opens its Window This Spring in NYC | February 17, 2012 QSR Magazine AM Jolt – Meatball lovers can now feed their obsession this spring with the opening of a new, gourmet walk-up window restaurant called Meatball Obsession where the star of the menu is a delicious, all-natural meatball … Read More



Meatball Madness By Amanda Kludt | February 13, 2012 New York Eater – First there was the Meatball Shop and its various locations, then there was the Meatball Factory, and now there’s Meatball Obsession, a new meatball takeout window Daniel Mancini plans to open at the end of March on the corner of 6th Avenue and 13th St … Read More


Meet the latest food trend – meatballs By Susan Sherrill | February 14, 2012 New Jersey Record – The next cupcake could be … the meatball? Vying for most buzzed about food with treats like macarons and cake pops, meatballs help prove that sweet or savory – to be trendy, it has to be round … Read More


The veal meatball recipe from Chazz: A Bronx Original By Richard Gorelick | February 14, 2012 Baltimore Sun – It’s the year of the meatball. Beginning Valentine’s Day, Baltimore Diner will follow meatballs wherever they may roll in 2012. Welcome to Pop goes the Meatball. In New York, where meatball mania has taken hold, a new meatball is on its way. Meatball Obsession will open in late March in Manhattan’s Greenwich Village … Read More